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Leading and managing change requires personal and organizational clarity as to why it matters and a well-developed communication strategy. 


Getting clear about your intentions and getting serious about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging means going beyond representation. Increasing demographic diversity does not, by itself, increase the effectiveness of an organization. Likewise, having the intent to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization doesn’t always lead to positive outcomes. To stay competitive, increase economic and operational opportunities, and reduce business liability, organizations must be willing to implement a comprehensive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) strategy. 

Inclusive Leadership by Design Blueprint©

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The Organizational Inclusive Leadership Assessment© was developed by Angela E. Batista, Ed.D., in collaboration with Reese C. Kelly, Ph.D., & Nanette Vega, Ph.D. This content is not for reproduction or distribution without approval fromTransformation by Design.


Inclusive leadership doesn’t materialize from good intentions. It happens by design.  Successful leaders lead with strategy and a strengths-based approach.

Transformation by Design has developed an innovative Inclusive Leadership by Design Blueprint© to help individual leaders, teams, organizations, and communities apply an inclusive lens to their work in order to be responsive to changing cultural, social, and leadership needs. Our approach outlines how leaders can effect change in four domains of leadership and practice.


Domains 1 & 2: Leading Self & Others

Wherever you go, there you are. Self-aware leaders are  grounded in culture and place. Whatever is happening outside of the organization, is also happening on the inside.


The Inclusive Leadership by Design Blueprint© is built upon four fundamental principles, essential for effective leadership at all levels of an organization.


Domains 3: Leading the Organization

Leading the Organization: Good leaders don't simply talk the talk, they walk the talk.


In order to help organizations advance DEIB and Inclusive Leadership, Transformation by Design coordinates and facilitates an Inclusive Leadership organizational assessment of existing strategy, capacity, and resources to identify strengths and opportunities, using proprietary assessment tools and processes. The ultimate goal of the Organizational Inclusive Leadership Assessment© is to aid, guide, and support clients in their efforts to build and lead sustainable DEIB growth and transformation within their organization and to inform strategy development. 


Our Organizational Inclusive Leadership Assessment© focuses on four practical tenets that guide our evaluation, strategy and recommendations and resource and capacity development to operationalize change.

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Domains 4: Leading Community

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Leading Community: Where DEI is the path, belonging is the destination.


When organizations focus on creating a sense of belonging for stakeholders, this can result in improved overall inclusion, retention, and employee performance. An increased sense of belonging is also intrinsically connected to personal and professional wellbeing. 

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Elevating Leadership with Purpose

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Vision Statement: Empower strategic transformation by elevating leadership with purpose and cultivating inclusivity. 


Mission Statement:  To help leaders, teams and organizations advance transformation through a deliberate, strengths-based and inclusive approach.

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