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Our Unique Coaching Approach

Strategic Insight

Guiding leaders through complex challenges

Inclusive Leadership

Focusing on inclusion and belonging that helps leaders to create environments where everyone feels valued

Practical Change Management

Implementing practical and intentional ways to lead and manage change, ensuring smooth and successful transitions

Effective Communication

Supporting leaders in the process of meaning-making and to ensure clarity in organizational messaging

Transformational Coaching Approaches for Success

Through coaching, we leverage strategies and concepts learned from Appreciative Inquiry, Creative Coaching, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB), Gestalt Leadership and Organizational Development to help clients design their own transformation and success. Combining a strengths-based approach with practical experience, we help senior leaders to resolve personal and work challenges and to drive positive and effective change for themselves and within their organizations. 

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Cultural Competency Coaching

One-on-one or group cultural competency coaching can help individuals engage in self-reflection about unconscious biases and how they influence their leadership behaviors and decision-making. Continued self-examination and increased awareness enable to enable leaders to take courageous action to design and implement inclusive leadership practices, solve dilemmas, confront and interrupt community bias behavior, and enhance organizational culture.

Strategies & Outcomes

Unconscious Bias Reflection

Engaging in self-reflection to uncover unconscious biases, paving the way for intentional inclusive choices.

Awareness & Action

Developing heightened awareness, enabling courageous actions to design and implement inclusive leadership practices.

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Acquiring strategies for managing conflict and handling DEIB challenges in the workplace.

Non-Judgemental Attitude

Cultivating a non-judgmental attitude toward differences to foster an inclusive and welcoming organizational culture.

Impactful Coping Mechanisms

Learning coping mechanisms to better handle the impact of minority stress and navigate personal and professional challenges.

Team Coaching & Development

Shared team coaching experiences can shift leadership mindsets away from siloed thinking and towards an inclusive and collaborative leadership. As a result, organizations can enhance overall capacity for forward movement and convening crucial conversations that can lead to culture change and overall success. In our team coaching service, we focus on fostering collaborative and inclusive environments that drive organizational excellence. Our team coaching approach is designed to empower teams to navigate challenges, enhance communication, and achieve shared goals.

Strategies & Outcomes

Strategic Partnership

Our team coaching is rooted in strategic collaboration, drawing from decades of experience as senior leaders and diversity and inclusion experts. Our holistic approach is designed to enhance the development of a sustainable and thriving leadership practice.

Real-Life Expertise

We bring practical, real-life expertise to the table, ensuring that our coaching is not only insightful but also applicable to the unique challenges faced by your team.

Inclusive Leadership

Through a combination of proven strategies and concepts, including Appreciative Inquiry, Creative Coaching, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion principles, we guide teams to design and implement inclusive leadership practices.

Conflict Resolution

Our coaching helps teams develop strategies for managing conflicts, addressing DEIB challenges, and building a non-judgmental attitude towards differences.

Sustainable Thriving

By developing positive partnerships within the team and with senior leaders, identifying strategies for priority management, fostering personal growth mindsets, and promoting well-being and self-care plans, our team coaching ensures sustainable thriving for both individuals and the organization.

Coaching for DEIB Leaders & Teams

Our coaching practice for DEIB leaders and teams is rooted in real-life and practical expertise from decades of experience as senior leaders driving and managing systemic change within the DEIB context. This type of coaching can help DEIB leaders to strengthen their practice for the benefit of their own advancement, as well as the organization’s.

As a result of developing a strategic and collaborative coaching partnership, DEIB leaders and teams are better equipped to navigate personal and professional challenges and to design a more sustainable plan for thriving in their DEIB roles, allowing for more effective institutional leadership.

Strategies & Outcomes

Strategic Collaboration

Benefitting from coaching rooted in real-life expertise as a senior leader and diversity institutional expert, ensuring practical solutions.

Positive Partnerships

Developing positive partnerships with senior leaders and stakeholders, creating a collaborative approach to DEIB management.

Priority Management

Identifying strategies to better manage conflicting priorities, fostering a balanced and effective leadership approach.

Growth Mindset

Cultivating a personal growth mindset, enhancing professional development and resilience in DEIB leadership roles.

Network of Support

Exploring strategies for creating a supportive network, fostering a sense of community and shared goals.


Whether guiding a client to address internal struggles or developing strategies for approaching external and environmental challenges your coach outlines discrete steps with attached timelines to help their client move forward effectively. In the best sense of the word 'coach'.

Michele C. Murray, Ph.D.

College of the Holy Cross

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