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Work with Award-Winning CEO & Founder of Transformation by Design

Angela E. Batista, Ed.D. has dedicated her professional life to helping individuals, teams, and organizations to successfully design and execute transformation, just as she has herself experienced professionally, culturally, and personally. She is an engaging speaker who has delivered thousands of speaking engagements and presentations for over two decades. She is a member of the National Speakers Bureau (NSA) and available for virtual and in-person engagements.  Keynotes and presentations can be customized for different groups including executive teams, boards, employees, and stakeholders across industries and sectors.  

  • Identity, Leadership, and Transformation: Topics are varied and range from personal storytelling and reflections on the intersections of identity in leadership to identity-informed practical strategies for leading in our current times.

  • Inclusive Leadership by Design: Topics based on Batista’s Consulting Inclusive Leadership by Design Blueprint© and the application of its four leadership pillars: intentionality, authenticity, heart, and humility.

  •  Latinx Heritage and Identity:

    • Angela's story of transformation and success inspires and empowers audiences by blending personal motivation with academic expertise, creating an unforgettable experience that resonates long after the event. It invites audiences to explore how embracing Latinx/a/o identity, cultural values, and norms can propel success in educational and workplace settings. Some takeaways include: harnessing personal empowerment, understanding the cultural capital of Latinx/a/o individuals in educational and professional realms and exploring the intersection of Latinx/a/o experience in a broader global perspective.

  • Dr. Angela Batista is the lead co-editor of Latinx/a/os in Higher Education: Exploring Identity, Pathways, and Success, which addresses topics relevant to the experience of Latinx/a/o students and professionals in the United States and illustrates key elements that should be considered in the development of varied pathways to their success. The book offers the opportunity to reflect on key topics raised by authors like current American and global Latinx/a/o related issues and how to leverage Latinx/a/o identity, cultural values, and norms to advance Latinx/a/o success in educational and workplace settings. 


First-Generation Students & Professionals

Related speaking engagements are managed by the Center for First-Generation Student Success CatalystFIRST Speakers’ Bureau. For more information, please visit Angela’s CatalystFirst Bio Page for more details and the Speakers’ Bureau contact information. 


"Dr. Batista is a gifted speaker and offers insightful wisdom that helps us as leaders live into our aspirations!"

Jacob Diaz, Ed.D.

University of South Florida


This should be required listening for our entire institution. Comprehensive and yet nuanced about all the complexities of these issues and how we can work together to advance this work.

Faculty Member, Rider University

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I believe in the power of individuals to design and create meaningful transformations for themselves, others and systems.

Angela E. Batista, Ed.D.

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