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Our Story

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Dr. Angela Batista, Founder and CEO, established Batista Consulting Services, LLC (BCS) in 2020. In 2024, Batista Consulting Services was rebranded to Transformation by Design.


Transformation by Design provides leadership development, strategic design, and execution support for leaders, teams, and organizations in higher education and in private and non-profit sectors. Through personalized learning resources and a strengths-based approach, Transformation by Design empowers strategic transformation by elevating leadership with purpose and cultivating inclusivity.

Transformation by Design is experienced working with leaders, teams, and organizations at all stages of their organizational and development journey.

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Our approach and implementation is flexible, inclusive and intentionally designed to be personalized with a strong foundation in the culture and context of our partner organization and stakeholders.

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Elevating Leadership with Purpose

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Vision Statement: Empower strategic transformation by elevating leadership with purpose and cultivating inclusivity. 


Mission Statement:  To help leaders, teams and organizations advance transformation through a deliberate, strengths-based and inclusive approach.

Approach & Methodology

Transformation by Design’s approach is comprehensive, holistic and strategic. In order to help organizations advance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) and Inclusive Leadership as part of their overall strategic planning, Transformation by Design coordinates and facilitates an organizational assessment of existing strategy, capacity, and resources to identify strengths and opportunities.

The foundation of the Transformation by Design approach lies in our Inclusive Leadership by Design Blueprint©, specially designed to help individual leaders, teams, organizations, and communities apply an inclusive and equitable lens to their work in order to be responsive to changing cultural, social, and leadership needs.


Our holistic approach to inclusive leadership development ensures that organizational leaders at all levels of the organization can be better prepared to lead in ways that advance organizational goals and effectively integrate DEIB. The Inclusive Leadership by Design Blueprint© is grounded in a philosophy and approach that brings together theory, best practices, and real-world experience to advance leadership praxis in the following:


Domains of Leadership and Practice: Self, Others, Organization and Community.

As part of our phased approach, we begin with strategic discovery activities to help us gathering information and resources about organizational readiness and leadership commitment. This information informs our recommendations for initial priorities and determines how best to customize the implementation of proprietary assessment tools. 

What We Value

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Growth-Minded Leadership

Inspired by the Chinese proverb, "Wherever you go, there you are!", we believe that transformative leaders start by focusing on their own growth in order to lead their team, organization, and community.

Strategic Inclusivity

Inclusive leadership doesn’t materialize from good intentions. It happens by design. Successful leaders lead with strategy and a strengths-based approach.


We center belonging in all we do. Where diversity, equity, and inclusion is the path, belonging is the destination.

Clarity-Driven Change

Leading and managing change requires personal and organizational clarity as to why it matters and a well-developed communication strategy.

Rooted in Culture and Context

Self-aware leaders are  grounded in culture and place. Whatever is happening outside of the organization, is also happening on the inside.

Our Team

Our work is supported by the expertise and skills of team members who have decades of leadership service and proven success in executive coaching, speaking, leadership development, organizational effectiveness, wellness, and DEIB strategy development and implementation.

Administrative & Operations


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