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Customized Engagements

Engagements can be customized as needed. Some examples include: organizational development advising projects, diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging assessment and strategy development, learning and dialogue facilitation, support of affinity and employee resource groups, inclusive leadership learning development for leaders and staff, specifically for senior leaders and managers (employees).

Personalized Transformation

Experience the best with personalized services designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring solutions crafted just for you. This approach guarantees satisfaction and optimal outcomes tailored to your preferences and requirements.

Recent Examples Include:


Whether guiding a client to address internal struggles or developing strategies for approaching external and environmental challenges your coach outlines discrete steps with attached timelines to help their client move forward effectively. In the best sense of the word 'coach'.

Michele C. Murray, Ph.D.

College of the Holy Cross

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Let's Work Together

Book a Complimentary Coaching, Discovery and/or Consultation Session 

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